When you drive across the causeway to Tide's End Farm, you will find yourself in a wildlife sanctuary of sorts.Yearling Buck

Because it is an island, off an island, many animals feel safe enough to live here year round, others come in season.


We have herds of deer, occasional fox, porcupines, chipmunks, gray and red squirrels and a rare moose. The variety of birds is amazing, from all the duck, osprey to the many songbirds including the Maine state bird, the chickadee. Wild turkeys come in the fall and it is not uncommon to see a bald eagle resting in one of the tall pines by the water.
We have guests rushing for their cameras when the deer make their rounds. A favorite is a piebald (brown and white) doe. She is a rarity and we get calls from people that want a chance to simply see her. The deer are accommodating and generally make an appearance not far from the house. Of course the horses are a popular subject to photograph and you don't have to be in stealth mode with them!
Tide's End Farm is a treat for birdwatchers. The marsh is home to a number of herons, the inlets full of various ducks and the field and woods resound with the many songs and calls of sparrows, finches warblers and woodpeckers. Don't forget your cameras and if you want to work on photography skills, look into our workshops.

FawnRed Squirrel

Common_RedpollRed Fox

Tide's End Farm
98 Knubble Rd.
Georgetown, Maine 04548